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Getting Started

We have many homeowners who love their vintage older home but need help with a portion of the renovation or the complete restoration. Renovations can range from updating electrical, plumbing, or technology. Many times, customers want to improve the home's function, or update to fit their lifestyle by upgrading their kitchen or a bathroom. Other times the older home needs repair due to damage or neglect by prior owners. Whatever the reason for the restoration, we want to offer you, our expertise.

Before Getting Started

Our team always meets in person with our customers, completes a thorough walkthrough, and conducts testing when necessary to confirm toxins within the home. In addition, the SB Restoration team documents, and points out any structural damage that should be repaired.

If we find any concerns such as the following, we immediately inform you and discuss the best way to address and fix water damage, mold, toxins, structural issues, foundation concerns, electrical and plumbing problems.

How Can We Help?

Water and Mold

It is extremely important to know what's behind that wall before you begin. Water damage is common in older homes. Left untreated for an extended time can lead to a host of issues including unhealthy mold. This is why we strongly recommend having your home inspected professionally prior to the restoration process. SB is skilled in handling all disaster restoration ensuring the issue is found, repaired, and the home is safely restored.

Odd or Lacking Space

Older homes tend to have odd angels, unusual spaces, or minimal storage. Before removing a wall or making slight adjustments make sure you plan and create a design on paper. Often those unusual spaces give your hold charm a unique character you can't find in a new home. Most importantly when you work with a reputable company like SB Restoration Services, we can help you find ways to make use of all those unique spaces.


Homes built before the 1980's may contain asbestos in the product that your home is constructed of. That's why we take extra measures to inspect and test to ensure the removal of the demolition material is safely done and properly disposed of.

Project Credits

Some parts of your older home renovations might qualify for government support, historical programs, and tax credits. The Minnesota Historic Structure Rehabilitation Tax Credit offers a 20% state tax credit for qualified historic rehabilitation and parallels the existing federal rehabilitation tax credit.

Finding the Right Contractor

Any restoration project can be challenging, and finding a contractor who is skilled in older home restoration can be difficult. To help ensure you make the right decision when selecting a contractor, we put a few questions together for you to ask.

SB Restoration is your local skilled contractor for renovations with over 30-years of experience. We have the experience and certifications in older home renovation. To schedule a free home inspection and consultation call 320-255-0076.

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