Who to contact?

1. Contact your insurance agent to inform them of your loss
2. Contact a local experienced company, SB Restoration Services

Broken Pipes?

1. Immediately shut off the main water line

Standing water?

1. Remove standing water and get the air moving
2. Immediately begin the restoration process (rescue and dry items to avoid mold and mildew)
3. Place foil under furniture legs and remove rugs and carpet.

Did you know a leaky roof can...

1. Within a few short hours, water can destroy belongings such as furniture, collectibles, photo memories, and valuable papers that ca never be replaced.
2. In addition, water can destroy walls, drywall, and carpeting, making the home structurally unsafe.

Why contact SB Restoration?

1. Experienced in biohazard, fire, smoke, water, and mold remediation
2. Licensed and insured contractor
3. Local company handling disaster restoration for over 20-years
4. Quickly responds (24/7 emergency services)
5. Acts immediately for a successful restoration
6. Inspects for structural damage and safety (skilled at asbestos and lead testing)
7. Protects the property from vandalism and weather
8. Rescues belongings, relocates in a secured facility, begins restoring personal property
9. Photos and thoroughly catalogs personal belongings
10. Works closely with your insurance agent or adjuster in handling the complete claim


You will want the following information:

Is your business local?

Yes, we are local!

Are you licensed?

We are licensed and insured, for both residential and commercial. We are happy to provide a list of references!

Will you obtain all the required building permits?

We pull all necessary permits to ensure the job is thoroughly inspected and the customer is protected.

Will I get a complete quote?

We provide a detailed estimate so you are confident in your purchase.

Can I expect frequent updates during the project?

We will meet your communication expectations and ensure you are fully informed on the progress of your project.

If my project is a remodel and your crew finds mold, rot, structure damage, etc. how will it be addressed?

We are a full-service restoration company experienced in handling disasters for fire, water, storm, and mold. We will out our professional team on the problem as soon as it is uncovered.

Does your team clean?

Yes, we do. Our cleaning staff is trained to handle construction cleanup, including carpets, air ducts, and more.

Will I get a warranty?

We provide a five-year workmanship guarantee, along with manufacturer warranties. We stand behind our work.