Windows are the best way to improve the beauty and energy efficiency of your home or office. Whether you need new construction or replacement windows, S.B. Restoration window installers have the experience and expertise to ensure proper installation and waterproofing to preserve your homes beauty for years to come!
Are the new windows easier to clean?
ABSOUTELY! Our windows are extremely user friendly and easy tilt features make cleaning a breeze!
Check out our replacement and new construction window options below and CALL US TODAY for your free consultation and customized Window package estimate!

Replacement Windows
Replacement windows are on excellent way to preserve the original woodwork of you home while providing the beauty and efficiency that comes with new windows. They also have the added bonus of being less expensive than new constructions windows because they can be installed in the time!
Using your homes existing window frame, your old window sashes are removed and the new window frame is installed to provide cost-saving energy efficiency, exceptional safety and security, and greater comfort and beauty all year long. Made with strong, premium-grade materials that help keep the weather outside and comfort inside. S.B. Restorations replacement windows and doors require very little maintenance to keep their attractive appearance for decades to come!

New Construction
The benefits of new construction windows is that they can be customized to be any size you want them to be versus having to use the original window opening on your remodeling project. With new construction windows, we are able to see if your old window had any failures in waterproofing or flashing and that issue can be corrected.
The best time to install new construction windows is in conjunction with siding replacement. We are then able to waterproof to todays standards making that window bulletproof in regards to water intrusion.
Our window installer and carpenters take pride in their work, and your project is denstined to look beautiful inside and out!

  • Awning/Hopper
    Bay & Bow
    Casement (Crank out)
    Single &; Double Hung