I just wanted to express my gratitude to Jeff Schneider, S.B. Restoration and  all of the employees that helped me with the restoration of my basement. As a new home owner, I didn’t know what to expect and Jeff was exceptional about easing my concerns. He always answered or returned my phone calls in a timely manner. He took time out of his day to look over my insurance claims and explain them to me (which I am sure is not part of his job description) and assured me that S.B. Restoration worked for me and not my insurance company. I cannot express enough how polite everyone was from the friendly service I received from your office staff to the restoration crew sweeping the floors before they left for the day, You can rest assured that I will praise this company to everyone I know and recommend S.B. Restoration to my friends and family. Your company made me feel confident everything would be repaired in a timely and professional manner, and took the stress from my mind when it seemed like everything was in turmoil. I am ecstatic over the finished results and just cannot praise you enough. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for all you do!!!

Patricia J. Callahan

To: S & B Restoration,

We want everyone to know how thankful we are for the excellent service received from S & B Restoration, Waite Park, MN. Thank you for taking charge immediately of the water damage at our home while we were out of state.
We were amazed how quickly you responded. Our son who was at the site was distressed and when your crew came, he became enormously relieved because it was clear to him that our home was in good hands. This perceptive son assured us that we had nothing to worry about because he witnessed your employees working fast and steadily cleaning up the damage. All employees were empathetic, caring & extremely thorough at keeping us up-to-date regarding the restoration process. Workers paid attention to detail resulting in perfection.

We didn’t have to do a thing because the crew manager handled all contractors who were totally trust worthy. Jeff Schneider was impressive because he kept us abreast of every phase of the restoration. Jeff patiently answered all our questions and was spectacular at keeping in touch with us via phone and e-mail. Remember, we were out of state, so this was no small effort on his part.

We also have to say that every employee in the office was knowledgeable of our situation and quickly tended to our needs – it was quite comforting and amazing to say the least. What people need to know is that it is extremely distressful to be out of state and learn of a disaster at your home. As soon as S & B Restoration took charge, we felt the weight of the world lifted off our shoulders. When we returned to our Minnesota home, we were delighted at the restoration that made our home look brand new. Such excellent service from every person involved and such concern regarding our satisfaction, is rare today and much appreciated.

Thank you for a job well done. We highly recommend S. B Restoration, Waite Park, MN!!!!!!!!!

Randall and Elizabeth Deckert


To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to thank SB Restoration with special mention to John Muller, for the work they and he did on my property in Dassel. As I live in a state one thousand miles away; it is a great leap of faith turning a project over to a company whom I have never worked with before and where over site is difficult at best.

I met John at the property, went over my vision, gave him the keys and walked away. His leadership and direction gave me a finished product that exceeded my expectations. Throughout the month long project he kept me informed and comfortable with how the job was proceeding and when further construction problems showed up within the work bid, he was creative, resourceful and fair in resolving the issue. Time was important and knowing how much had to be done I was a little skeptical on it being completed on time but even with the additional labor that was performed from before mentioned construction issues and those I added, it was done on time. From the initial estimate, I felt SB Restorations pricing was very competitive and at the end, I will say, I cannot imagine getting a better value per dollar spent.

In closing, he took a tired 110 year old home and through his vision, skill and that of all those who
worked on the property, breathed new life into it. I would recommend SB Restoration to any who would ask.

President MRA, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern,

If you are in need of Restoration Work on your property I cannot recommend any company other than S B Restoration. I first used them on an eight-plex apartment fire in January. It was a big job, in bad weather. It was almost a quarter of a million dollar job. Then a couple years later I had a home for sale and there was a water leak in the basement. This job was under $2,000. They treated the small job the same as the big job. They communicated everything to me, were professional in every respect, and their work was efficient and always prompt. It was comforting, that in each case, both of the insurance companies had worked with S B Restoration before and they had nothing but good to say about S B Restoration. I strongly recommend them. I worked most closely with John and Jeff on these jobs and they both treated me like my “disasters” were a priority for them. They got the jobs done and they got them done right.

John Dube
St. Cloud, MN
REALTOR and apartment house owner